Method of Object in Dynamo

I am learning DesignCript in Code block. I have a question. I read DesignCriptGuide of Dynamo and it have a following text : “Many objects have functions attached to them, called
methods, allowing the programmer to perform commands on that
particular object. Methods common to all pieces of geometry
include ​Translate​ and ​Rotate​, which respectively translate
(move) and rotate the geometry by a specified amount. Surfaces
have a ​Thicken​ method, which take a single input, a number
specifying the new thickness of the surface.”
Question : how to know method of object such as Surface, Line, Curve…


There’s probably a list of functions somewhere, but really it’s just getting yourself familiar with the nodes. Nearly all core nodes can be coded with DesignScript


And if you’re unaware of Node to Code it’s a really great way to learn the Design Script methods. Right clicking a node a selecting Node to Code will convert a Dynamo node to its equivalent Design Script code block.

@Nick_Boyts Thanks. That’s a good suggestion.

Is this what you’re looking for?


@Andreas_Dieckmann Yes, I am looking for it. Thank you very much.

Just keep in mind that this will return all public DesignScript methods (including constructors) and properties associated with that entity, as well as any applicable Python methods and properties. So some of these will likely not be available in a code block node, only in a Python node.