Measure Height between two elements

Hi all,

I want to measure the height between two elements. (i.e particularly from footing top to level) I want to show that value as out in dynamo player. Please let me know how to get the dimension and show it as output in dynamo ?

You can use a watch node to show it in Dynamo player. You have to rename the Watch node and then check as output.

Yes thank you @Deniz_Maral but I want to get the measurements. In this snap shot I have measured it by manually. Please tell me how to measure height though dynamo.

Do the above for the footing and the wall.
Then use a - node to get the difference between the wall and footing.

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Hi @JacobSmall Thanks for the response. But I am not getting what are you going to create. Can you please show it in graph ?

Post what you have tried and I’ll come back later to guide you along.