Matching Lists to Other Lists

I have created for myself a puzzle. I am certain that this puzzle is solvable with nothing but native dynamo (ie no scripting) but I am at my wit’s end trying to figure it out. Here is the situation:

I have a list of 10 points, let’s call this List A.

I have 10 lists of points of varying length. Lets call these Lists B1 through B10.

I want to connect the points in B1 to the first point in List A, and the points in list B2 to the second point in list A, etc.

This is the goal:

The Goal


So far I have only been able to achieve this with a python script. Some dynamo native things I have tried:

  1. Connect list A to lists B1-b10 - didn’t work.

  2. Put each item in list A in its own list by list.mapping list.create (to create lists A1-A10 with one item a piece), then connect to lists B1-B10 - didn’t work.

  3. Try Longest List lacing or Cross Reference lacing on scenario 2 - didn’t work.

  4. Try a List.Combine on a Line.ByStartPointEndPoint with A1-10 and B1-10 from scenario 2 - didn’t work.

  5. Reconstruct the whole definition so that Connect N Points To Center is a function and use List.Combine to map it across the points and counts - didn’t work

  6. Do 5 but make Connect N Points to Center its own custom node and use list.combine to map it - DOES work, however, it fails the fundamental problem statement, which is “what do I do when I start with these two lists”


Am I missing something fundamental? How would you dynamonsters approach this?

Download my failed attempts here: whyyyy

I recommend using replication guides in such cases:


If you want to stick with nodes, you’ll have to generate additional content first:


You beat me to it Dimitar. :slight_smile: However it seems like things are changing in the upcoming 1.0 so that nodes itself can pair lists of varying depths.

Zach Kron shared this picture with me:

Seems quite straight forward in Ver 1.0

omg finally it just works like grasshopper