Mapping/Filling Clash Test XML File

Hi everyone,
I have a problem that I believe that can be solved in Dynamo:
I have to prepare a clash check set up for a large size project. To initiate the task, I have inserted pair name descriptions to Navisworks Clash Detective. Scary side is the amount of Clash pairs, 1000. So, for those 1000 clash pairs, I have to select Search Sets manually :open_mouth: I will not.

I imagined a solution to manipulate XML file by:

  1. Export XML file
  2. Reading Clash Check Pair Description Strings in XML file
  3. Remove First 14 Character of The Strings (to clean it)
  4. Divide Strings to 2 Substrings Left and Ride Side of The “-vs-”
  5. Match New Substrings With The Search Sets( Seach set names are flexible, it will be regulated as per substring matches)
  6. Write data to XML

However, I have tried to manipulate XML file in the Excel (by formulas), yet, I could not achieve, I cannot export XML file in form of that Navisworks can read
Therefore I have tried to develop a solution in the Dynamo, the result is negative, again I clogged. :expressionless:
I cannot go further than below script. I think I should select correct hierarchy values in two different column and overwrite it.

I am open to hearing any kind of solution such as regulating data in Excel or a solution in the Navisworks or Dynamo.
This is the XML file that i want to regulate:
C06-HBK-M-STA-T-AD-AL-AZ-1002 r01 (2).txt (664.5 KB)
And Dynamo script:
XML Manipulate.dyn (3.6 KB)

Thanks in advance…