Manipulating Curtain Gridlines

Hi All,

I am trying to manipulate the curtain grids on a curtain wall to match up with the levels. I have a workflow that I think could work (using a bounding box to get the geometry of the curtain gridlines), but it would require moving the curtain grids via Dynamo. The problem is that the curtain gridlines do not seem to have any kind of location parameters to write to (see screenshot for existing parameters). Any thoughts on how one could move a curtain gridline? Or alternatively, how to create a gridline on an existing curtain wall (which would be much easier)?


Anyone have thoughts? Bueller?

Hi Bo,

This is doable, but not easy. To make my life easier, I set up the grid walls’ horisontal grids to “Fixed Number” and the number of grids to my level constraints minus two ( because my top and bottom grids are already aligned with the constraints).







Dimitar, thanks for the reply. I think I mostly understand this except my list structure is slightly different so I’m not sure what the structure of the list that is being passed into the 2nd python script should be. Also…what is the MinimumItemBy Key node doing?

Could you show me the structure of your list at the last List.Transpose?


Nevermind, figured it out. Thanks Dimitar! You are the man!

One additional, related question: I am trying to get this to work for multiple curtain walls concurrently…is there a way to group the curtain walls by host element? I could group them by geometry, but this would get convoluted if the curtain wall was irregular. Thoughts?

I don’t believe curtain walls have a host. Do you mean curtain systems? If so, I’m not sure how to get the host face(s) of a curtain system, but if you group your curtain systems by another factor, you can get the grid lines that belong only to that system like so:



Oops, I think I mis-typed.

A colleague of mine was able to help me write a python script that gets the Curtain Gridlines for multiple Curtain Walls and sorts them by host. Here are the scripts to get the gridlines for one Curtain Wall and for multiple Curtain Walls: