Managing parameters through nested elements

Hi !

What I want to achieve is to retrieve information from my project rooms and propagate those information to the concerned objects.

I am using the “Elements in Room” node from <span style=“color: #75715e;”>Konrad Sobon. This node gives me</span> 2 nested lists and I wanted to get parameter values from elements of the first one to write them in parameters of elements from the nested one.







Cheers !

Hi Simon,

Are you looking to get parameters from your nested list?



No, I want to get the parameter values of the elements from the “main” list and set parameters on the elements from the nested list.


Hi Simon,

What do you mean by main list. Are your looking to add values from first element to rest of them as shown on the screenshot.


Hello Simon,

would you mind sharing your solution to this problem? I need to do something very similar in my project.


Thank you.