Make a list with 2 lists

Hi guys.
I’am trying to make a list with 2 lists. The 2 listis will contains all horizontal mullions. See pictures.
Later on I will delete all mullions except 1 random mullion.
It works for now, But I must use “getitembyindex” for each listi.
Hope you understand my quesetion


HomeZETA.dyn (22.5 KB)

You want one random element from each list?

RandomElementFromList.dyn (4.9 KB)

Thank you Vikram

That is not my problem.
But perhaps I will you this lsyrt in this project.
I have hard time to explane what I meen.

But in the picture you can see the problem.
I can’t put to sublists in to the list.filterbyboolmask.
But if I put getitembyindex it works.

You will need to use List.Map as you are applying two different filter masks to a single list

Thank you very much Virkam, that solves this problem.
but but…
I have one “small” problem…
I wan’t to remove the higest and lowest mullion in the list…
It seems to work, but it don’t
do you see the problem?

The problem is that you are trying to remove items at two indices at once.
Do it in sequence - First remove the min item, from the resulting list remove the max item

That was it.
Thank you ones again.