Loopwhile Node


I would like to know how the ‘loopwhile’ node supposed to be used. Can somebody explain it to me please?

I am applying wall types per level based on surtain criteria, I would like to do this for every level. The levels can variate per model. So thats why I need to know how the loopwhile node is working. other suggestions are also welcome. Tnx


Make a python script instead. LoopWhile is a mystic node. Python is much easier for looping. Alternative make a DesignScript loop.

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Thanks for your reply, unfortunately my python skills do not go beyond if else statements :frowning:
Any idea where I can study looping method in Python?

Hi @Yamoh_Rasa,

I have no experience with LoopWhile myself, but you can check the Dynamo Dictionary.

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in python you just do this.

for item in items:
    do something with item

this loop will do whatever you want item for item until there is no more items



@MJB-online @erfajo
Tnx for the reply, i will look into this and see if i can solve my problem. I will let you know if i was abble to solve it.

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    for item in list:
    other statements..in body

in python for loop mostly used to iterate over sequences refer this guide to learn all usage of python for loop. Python for loop

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