Loop while value is not null

Hello everyone.
I’m frozen at the end of a routine.

I need the value to be included in the “Value” of “Element.SetParamterByName” do a loop:
If “A-01” is Null, continue reading to “A-03” and enter the first non-null.
How do I do this in dynamo? Does anyone have a suggestion?

I don’t quite follow you, but it looks like A-02 and A-03 have no values at all. Can you show us an example of what you’re expecting?

Nick, thanks for answering.
I do 3 situations that can be result at looped.

Like this?

You could also use IsNull to filter the nulls from your list and then just take the first item from the non-null values.


Was great with the script.
Thank you so much for this