Loop while excel sheets


Hi all, I created a dyn file which allow to import coordinates from an excel file and draw curves inside the model. As I have different sheets, I’d like to create a unique code with a loop while that cycle different sheets inside the excel file. I’m trying with attached soluzion, but doesn’t work correctly. It takes sheet number 2 only, while I’d like to cycle the entire code for each sheet (1,2,3,4,5, ect…). Could anyone help me? Thanks in advance. Regards


you’re getting there, but you have to put your code that loops as a function inside the loop body. for example, you could wrap up the excel.readFromFile inside a custom node and leave one input free(the sheet name) then this input would be incremented and passed into the loopBody Function … your code in on the wrong side of the while loop :slight_smile:


BUT… this problem can be solved by just putting a list of {1,2} or 1…2(range syntax) into the sheet name port, the node will replicate over that list and return both results.


I don’t think you need to use loop.while at all.