Loop through wall instances


Hey all,

I’m very new to dynamo and I’m trying to get a calculation to run through each instance of an element in a project.

Basically I want the ability to tag each wall with it’s tonnage, so I want to get each wall’s volume, multiply it and then feed it back into each wall.

I know this can be done a variety of different ways but I thought I’d like to try it with dynamo and hopefully learn something along the way.

Below is what I have so far in terms of what I actually want to achieve and it will work for 1 wall. I’ve played with the loopwhile nodes and list.map nodes without much success as yet. I’m not quite sure what inputs they require or how to adapt what I have to work or if I’m going about it totally the wrong way. Any pointers anyone has would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Jimmy. You’re practically there - no need for any list.map/loop while nodes, simply connect the “All Elements of Category” node to the Get/SetParameter nodes.

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