Loci Export to multiple DWG files

What I am trying to do is to export multiple family instances to separate DWG files.
To do that, I am making a list of the same view, where each instance is temporary isolated. Then I for each view I am creating the filename of the visible family instance from a model name (with .dwg added).
So far it looks to go ok. However, the Export in DWG does not accept the list of filenames (I did see pictures with “Filenames” instead with “Filename”, but I have not been able to find that version or set it manualy!).

To get arround it to make the export work at least, I added the getfirstitem, but that obviosly is not what i want to accomplish.

(as new user I cant upload my files?).

Anyone knows how i can get a list of files in it?

At least I can make a screenshot of a the export filename


I confirm that the node obviously works with several views. Check that you don’t have any sublists in your views or your filenames. If so use the Longest lacing or a Flatten node.

ok, can it be the problem that I have only one view that I am trying to re-use, hiding all objects exept one? Does it make it not treat it as separate views, hence not accepting multiple file names?

Yes that is the problem indeed.
To overcome this difficulty, duplicate your views with Dynamo, modify their content, export to DWG and remove excess views once the DWGs are obtained.

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