Location of Doors in Curtain Walls

I wonder if anyone has tried to do this before but, I want to extract the location of the doors with curtain walls. Unfortunately both the OOB node and the one in the clockwork package don’t return Null and empty list respectively. I’m aware I can pull information related to the actual hosting curtain wall however I would like to be fairly precise and get a point for the door position, similar to what you can do with normal door families. Any ideas?

it was answered in this post:


Dear Konrad,

I checked your link (thank you for this article) however, I am not able to find the custom node “transform origin” in your package is it normal? Is there another way?


Make sure that you have the latest archi-lab_Grimshaw package installed. I think it should be there. There was a mixup with bunch of nodes getting deleted from my package when Dynamo was updated to 0.8.2

I reload the last version of your package 2015.8.31 (released 3 September) -> not present
I tried to reinstall dynamo (last daily build) and reinstall the package -> still nothing. Does the fact that I am using pre-release version have an impact on something?

Thanks for your help!

I downloaded the last version 2015.9.15 and the “Transform Origin” node came back. Thank you