Location of Converted reference Object in Dynamo

Im getting the Faces of an element from constrains, as reference and Converting it to a Dynamo Surface using “ToProtoType()”, but the location of these faces seem to be created at Origin, while the actual element is a different location. is there a way to create the Reference at the same Location.(this will only output selective faces, so i cannot just move the whole thing using some common point)

the faces are common faces

Which type of element?

How are you getting those surfaces? Show us your complete graph with all the previews on.

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Im getting the faces from Rebars(the faces are constrained faces of rebar constrain handles) hosted within the element(foundation).This returns a “db.planarface” object which im converting to Dynamo Geometry(Surface), these surfaces are created at the project Origin.

while If i get the Actual Geometry of the Element(foundation) using Element.Geometry, and Explode them, these are located at its correct position of the actual Revit Family.

I tried moving the Original Element to the Origin, But the height is still off. I just want both set of element sto overlap.