Loading Revit Family & Selecting Types

Hey All,

So when loading a family into Revit through Dynamo it will load every type within the rfa family. However is there a way to only load some types? More specifically those on a defined list? I’d like to eventually have this data inputted from excel.

I’ve previously seen this on a blog somewhere however the links are dead now!


Hi @Daniel_Cornick

Could you post that links.

Coming soon…

@Kulkul - The link is now dead, however it used to be on Revit API Search. The original forum post is here: http://dynamobim.org/forums/topic/load-revit-families-from-list/

I was trying to stay away from loading every type into a ‘closed’ project and transfer across!

I’ve got this so far, which will list the file locations of the selected. However it will load all contents of the family, Is there a way to select only a few in the type catalogue? Using a similar method to checkbox excel and List.FilterByBoolMask the results? I was thinking this maybe more of a python script as you’d be directly interacting with the Revit API.


Here is another possible way to select only few types and delete the ones if you don’t need them. Use custom node “Filter.BySelection” from spring nodes package to select.


Nice. Could you make this routine available?