Loaded family is not working

Hi, i use Revit 2016 and Dynamo 1.2.

I created several line familys. They working in my first project.
But if i load them into another project with the same characteristics, they don’t work until i opend them separately, save them under a new name and load them into the new project.
I only change the name, nothing else.

Is there something i can do? What im missing?
How can i save the familys right, so i can use them in any other project, without renaming them?

Any help would be great!^
17_03_29_1006_Property_Line.rfa (292 KB)

Is there something wrong with my family?

I have still the same problem.
Can somebody give me a model line family so i can look what wrong with my created family?

Hi @Hannes

I checked your family and loaded in to multiple projects. Its works fine for me. Could you drop a gif of your process.

Well…i have never created a gif …I try to show u the steps with images:)

  1. new project,start dynamo and lunch
    Result: lines are not generated
  2. go to Revit, open line family, save with different name and import family to main project
  3. lunch dynamo with “new named family”
    Result: lines are generated