Load family objects Into UnOpened Project

Hi all,
I Came again. (maybe I’am living here)

I am looking for some topics about load family to Project.

but I haven’t found a satisfactory conclusion.

This is what I an trying.

First, I made two mass objects on Conceptual Mass environment.
the one is sphere, and other is cuboid.

Second, I want to load these objects to unopened project file by dynamo.

But, you know, when I loaded these objects, this would came to just one family.

Maybe this is because one family file become one family in project environment.

but sometimes I have to make lots of objects in conceptual mass environment(*.rfa) by Dynamo,
and have to transfer to project.
And these objects have to be seperated in project environment.

Is this possible by Dynamo?
I look forward to your kind advice.:smiley: