Load Family from cloud in Revit 2022 using Dynamo

I need to load families in Revit 2022 from Load Autodesk Family option as shown in following image.


General Load family option will be like, doc.LoadFamily(“Path and family name”), but for this which command i have to use.

Kindly guide me on this

You can execute that funcion only via PostCommand under LoadAutodeskFamily


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i am not much familiar with enum, can you please guide me through code

Postable command is effectively another way of saying ‘you’ll likely need to have a UI of some sort here.’

What is the intended use? Loading the same family into many documents or something else?

Need to load a planting family inside a project

I tried like doc.LoadAutodeskFamily(“M_RPC Shrub”), getting error like document doesn’t have attribute LoadAutodeskFamily