"Listen" function in Dynamo?

I used to use MaxScript, and one of my favorite things about it was the ability to turn on the listener to grab code snippets from repetitive tasks. Is there anything comparable to this in Dynamo?


As I’m not familiar with the listener and it’s functionality, I’m just going to respond to ‘repetitive tasks’ …

If using nodes you could create Custom nodes which has within, a number of nodes which collectively perform programmed tasks



If using Design Script in Code Blocks you can define functions for repetitive tasks


Thanks Vikram! The listener displays live code for tasks as you perform them. So you can just perform the task you want to automate and it will record the code that Max is invoking to perform that task. Then you can copy and paste it and arrange it into a script. I was wondering if Dynamo could record Revit tasks by filling a code block in a similar way.

Doesn’t seem like any such functionality exists in/for Dynamo, at present.

Somebody better informed might be able to comment on whether or not it might be possible in future.