List with two columns in excel


I Have to send to excel two lists
First list on column A, and second list on column B
Here, i join the two separate lists, and i use “Chop” node to cut the result, and have a two columns list
in my dyn file, i find solution, but i introduce manualy sub length value
it will be hard to do if i have 15-20 columns to create on excel, i suppose i’ll use for each cut the “chop.list” command
It’s impossible to link each list directly to “Data” input of “Write Excel” node, because for each list, excel create a new sheet, and overwrite old data

Thank you in advance





Use List.Create instead of List.Join, then you will not need to do the Chop…see attached image.

listcreate vs listjoin


In Fact it is very simple
I complicated my life

you help me to clarify my approaches
Thank you