List Unique Items for strings?

Is there a list unique items node that works with a list of strings or does it only function with number inputCapture? see attached… Thanks!


Hello Michael Frederick,

Sorry for the inconvenience, but right now we don’t support String in Unique Items, I will log a improvement issue for internal tracking, will let you know once it is available for users.

Thanks for Reporting.

Keep using Dynamo!



Hello Michael Frederick,

List.Unique now works for Strings as well.

Changes are available in latest daily build.

Changes will be available in our next Release.



Thanks for the feedback Ritesh!

I’m seeing incorrect behavior from List.UniqueItems

List generated still seems to duplicate an item.









Can you verify?

It works well for me. (I’m using 0.7.5 )

And here is a work around.

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