List to sublist manipulation

Hi everyone!

I have a simple list question and was hoping someone help me out.
So I have this list:
[0] 5
[1] 6
[2] 7
I want a list like this
[0] 5
[1] 6
[0] 6
[1] 7
[0] 7
[1] 5

So far I came up with these two solutions but I think I am using too many nodes and there must be a simpler way. My first solution order is wrong and the second solution just seems too long. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

download Dinesh list logic package and use Dinesh List Logic node


You can try this:


Thank you for the reply but this is not quite right. However, this node will help me with another problem.
architectcoding python script is the solution :slight_smile:
Thank you guys for your help, I appreciate it

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