List & sublist reorganisation

I have my XY Frame Extents node capturing the extents of a series of model lines (a la site) in Revit. I’m then intersecting a grid-like series of lines from this Frame with a surface created by the selected model lines before intersecting the perimeter curves of said surface.

This gives me two lists. List1 = Perimeter curves that runs clockwise. List2 = Grid-like intersection that runs horizontally.

They don’t marry up.









Any thoughts on the best way to approach this?

I tried re-projecting the points to the surface to try and automatically relist them to no avail. I also mucked about with Sort by Key and Point.X/Point.Y

Thoughts ?


Didn’t understand as to what exactly your problem is.

However, two lines in your code caught my attention.

int0 = lst0.Intersect(bel0<1><2>);

int1 = l0.Intersect(l1<1><2>);

Not sure as to whether having the replication guides at those positions help give you the intended results.

I haven’t tried running your code, but for variations I might suggest…

int0 = lst0<1>.Intersect(bel0<2>);

int1 = l0<1>.Intersect(l1<2>);

int0 = lst0<2>.Intersect(bel0)<1>;

int1 = l0<1>.Intersect(l1)<2>;

Also, try swapping 1 and 2

Sorry, I haven’t yet managed to properly understand replication guides to provide a better response

Hello Vikram,

Yeah I know my code is a little inefficient - I’m just playing until I get it working before refining :slight_smile:

Still need to figure out the above mentioned issue. It’s a case of wanting every single point (Both rim and internal) to be in the same list, and in a logical order.

Bit stumped.

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Ok I figured out an alternative solution :smiley:

I re-wrote my inputs - and have created a custom node out of it. I’ll publish it sometime soon.

XY Points Distribution


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Sol - Here is my solution at your problem

File: Point Sequence




Awesome Vikram. I’ll have a look at that in depth later :slight_smile:

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