List sort by Value

I have been looking through the previous posts in the Forum since it is plenty of cases.
The overall goal is to have a list of Areas with some parameters written to EXCEL files. I reached that but I want to improve definition.
I would like to have the data grouped and ordered by one of its parameters.
The list I am passing to Excel comprise 3 parameters and I am not able to re-order the list based on this parameter which is a number by the way. In he graphs you can see parameter values and I sorted the.
The ideal thing the top would be insert a blank line at the end of the each group but it is okay it not since it is a easy task in Excel.
Thanks for any suggestions or help. should not be so difficult considering all the nodes dedicated to list, sorting, grouping…yet, the node List.getItem ad Index say it could not processGetItemAtIndex that takes arguments of type (__array,Function)

I am sorry after further digging I found this solution in a previous post that fit perfectly my case.
Also the custom node Lists.SortlistOfLists, can work but after converting parameters to numbers only.