List operations & Data trees


Pretty new in dynamo. I would like to kindly ask for help with list management in dynamo. In grasshopper im used to manage lists so i can connect all list items with index @1=0, and do the same with items with index @1=1 and so on so I make lines as marked in pic beside with red color.

How can I achieve similar lines in dynamo?
Can you please refer me to some document related to list and data trees operations ?

To give better explanation, Im attaching picture from grasshopper of what Im trying to achieve.

Any help really appreciated. Thank you

EDIT: script attached
Home.dyn (398.9 KB)

EDIT 2: example from grasshopper attached, topic name extended

You could try Point.At Parameter node on each profile curve that you’ve made and then connect those segments. The result is not going to be as smooth like in grasshopper with this approach however. Another way would be to start from a surface instead of lines

I don’t have experience with Grasshopper, but I believe the list management aspect you’re looking for would be List.Transpose. In this case you can transpose your Geometry.Explode node, get the exploded curves’ end points and draw a Nurbs curve through those points

@carlosguzman’s suggestion of Point.AtParameter would also work with your polycurves (before Geometry.Explode) and you’ll still need List.Transpose to order those points