List of sub totals

Hi all,

Is there a way to list sub totals?
I don’t want to see duplicate fittings in excel, but sub totals instead.
This is what i have so far.

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What do you mean with subtotals?



For example, in the column of NLRS_C_description (the description of the fittings), groove elbow DN40 and groove elbow DN50 are included several times.
I want in excel 1 line with groove elbow DN40 and 1 line with groove elbow DN50.
with the totals.
Here is an example for some pipefittings then maybe you get what i mean?
Export to Excel.rvt (4.9 MB)

Sounds like you need GroupByKey to group similar elements. Then you can count or sum totals for each element type.

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Oke thanks, i will dive into that one.

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