List of List for Adaptive Family Creation

Dear all,
I need some help regarding the creation of my adaptive family out of points.

  • I have a list of list containing 10 members of “points”.

  • I have a list containing 17 members of “family types”.

  • I want to create adaptive components via these points and types.

  • How do I combine these “points” and “family types” so the adaptive family is created?

  • Each of the family types need to be connected with each X&Y member of the point list.

  • At the moment only the first type is connected with the point.

  • Do I need to use “Use Levels” and “Keep list structure”?

Try to set the family type input to @L1 and lacing to longest.

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Dear Jabob,
Thank you.
Is this what you mean?

Is it possible to control the sorting of the “Types”?
Currently it is as follows:

However, I would like to have the following:


Try adding a List.Transpose after the creation node.

Alternatively you can look into lacing controls and levels of the points, but this is more difficult due to the required list input for the points. Might be @L3 and longest.