"List of List" equivalence in the Dynamo SDK

Hi guys,

I am curious to know what it the equivalence of the List of Lists data structure in the visual side of Dynamo with its equivalence in the Dynamo SDK.

For example, Data Tree in Grasshopper will be in the SDK in a class called DataTree<T>.

What I will do is convert a List of Lists in to a proper C# Jagged Array, for further processing.

My last question: Is there any Documentation available for the Dynamo SDK, like the Grasshopper one? I cant seem to find one.


Have you checked the github? This might not be the full set of what you are after but it has links to that sort of information and others:


This page is not found.

Looks like that links is broken - @Michael_Kirschner2 any idea where it went?

This may help you in the meantime: https://github.com/DynamoDS/Dynamo/wiki

That link was out of date for a long time and I believe ended up being taken down, we need to update the links when we replace the site and in the meantime remove them - BUT in shortterm to answer the question, I think this is a much better experience anyway - since it is up to date with our nugets directly.
What I use anyway:


maybe this also helps:

will try to dig up some other docs

this site has lots of developer info but does not yet do a good job talking about more advanced zero touch integration like attributes - it’s hosted on the gh-pages branch of Dynamo if anyone wants to improve it, PRs welcome. We will of course continue to improve it.


Hi @Michael_Kirschner2

Thank you very much for the link, there is a lot of valuable information. But I still could not find anywhere were there is are proper API docs.

Did I miss something obvious?