for node with two,or more list inputs

Hi, is there a simple solution to use for a function with more than one list input?

If i use a single number for “distance” its works, but not for a list of course.
How i can loop over a list with a function with two list inputs?

Thx for help

Hi @Hannes ,
are you trying to extrude each polygon with all the distances in the bottom list? seventeen extrusions per polygon?

For every polygon one distance. So only one extrusion per polygon.

Then I don’t think you need to do anything special . If you just connect the polygon list to the extrude node it should work.

No thats not working. The extrude node can’t handle list inputs.

What version of dynamo are you using?
because in 1.2.1 :


Well your are right! It does work.
I have too Dynamo 1.2.1.

Mh, maybe there is something wrong with my numbers.

Any other idea ? But thx for help so far!

could you plug your list of numbers (at the bottom) to an Object.Type node and show the result ?

Extrude distance cannot be 0. You have many of them.

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@ Vikram your right and the numbers were not numbers, but strings. My fault.
And the numbers were not numbers, but strings

Thx for help!


I don’t think this is the solution to the post title.

How to apply any node or nodes definition to each item of the list?
with simple functions with only one input you can use List.Map… but what about the rest?

For instance guess I have a flatten list of CoordinateSystem.
To each point I want to apply two Point.BySphericalCoordinates.

How can do that using only one Point.BySphericalCoordinates node fed from a list (of two in this case) of ‘phi’ and ‘theta’ input’?

Of course is possible to do it in other ways, but if mapping as the one I show in the image is possible would allow a much cleaner definition as I can just feed any amount of points and the sphericalCooordinates node would still match the list of coordinatesSystem. I could only care of the list of points rather than having to create multiple Point.BySphericalCoordinates nodes.