List management Challenge (for wall orientation)

Hi i’m about to make auto detection of wall orientation. unfortunately i found my self stuck when i almost reached the end.
i want to scan the 8 sub-lists then much-up the “Orienration” values when it is found with the same index of element and id list.Thus final list would contain sublistes each one carry orientation + element name + ID

Hi, since it’s not easy to follow without any illustration, why not drop a screenshot? Thanks :slight_smile:

sounds like you need a dictionary. If you can convert the 8 vector orientations into unique codes (rounding the dot product by evaluating against X and Y axes then using a naming convention might be one way), then you can perform the same test on the list of walls as each will now be signed to the key in the dictionary, then you can simply index into the list of sublists to add the member.

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