List Logic in Dynamo

So the concept is very simple. I have a set of curves . I want to create a poly surface from these curves. So consider if i have 5 curves. The resulting list i need is a list containg the previous and next curve.

So i have a set of curves list like 1,2,3,4,5,and so on. now i want to join these curves to create a surface, how do i filter this list so i am able to create a nested list in the following maner. : 12,23,34,45,and so on.

So basically this is how it feels visually

Right now. I am just extracting the list and creating a new list from the same. But the nodes seems endless. Anyone help me on this better math.

My Dynamo script seems like this right now:

Hi @angadtiwari ,


Thanks a lot was feeling so dumb doing that. Much apprciated: