List level help

I simply need the 0 index main curve to iterate through list 0 of the branch curves. This should generate 5 lists with nine tees each, not sure where I’m going wrong.


Might be wrong and I don’t have the data set to test with, but try @L1 on the first input, @L2 on the second input, with longest lacing.

no luck, i forgot to play with lacing

works fine with normal additon, idk this appears to be a node specific problem, the underlying python must not handle lists as input? not sure.

That’s my guess, but you could also try the combinations (@L2, @L3) and (@L1, @L3) both with longest lacing to see if that fixes it. If not…

Count the items in each sublist,
List.Duplicate items to duplicate the item for each count of the associated sublist length.
List.Flatten on the sublists and the duplicated lists to ensure a 1:1 match.

One thing to note: this may not work in bulk due to the nature of MEP content; said another way: the main pipe may not have a segment at the intersection of branch two once split to insert the T for line 1, as that side could be a new pipe. Working carefully on sequencing may resolve this, but it may also just not be possible without some testing (which pipe is closest to my endpoint) first.

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Thanks again for the help @jacob.small

Here’s the working solution, it fortunately generated all the tees with no other modification!

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