List.FilterByBoolMask operation failed!

Hi Guys,

Again no idea why the BoolMask fails? I tested the same but on a small number of elements and it worked fine.

The Only difference from the test I did and worked that all were false no true returned.

Edit 1:
I figured out the problem however I still don’t know how to resolve it!!
For some reason Toplogy.Faces cannot retrieve surfaces of some walls. These walls are represented as Empty Lists in out from the get Topology Nod. Therefore I wanted to create this mask to elimenate them from all of my lists while keeping the relation between the lists consistant, however some of these empty lists are returning “null” in The Boolean list while others are returning True, this is quit a mustery at the moment!!!

I tried the nod “List All Indices” looking for “Empty List” but it didn’t work … still to figure it out

Edit 2:
I still don’t know why the List.Empty test is returning Null for some of the sublists!!! However I overcame this by using clockwork nod to replace “Null” with boolean of “True” since I know that it must be this.

Thanks in advance…

Most likely cause are the empty lists in your faces node. However there’s a better option if all you need to do is remove the empty lists: CORE > List > List.Clean node.

I don’t think so since it does the same when i try to mask the list of elements!!