hi folks
I need a first 2 point each index

Four options:

List.Drop with the list input @L2 and a value of -3.

Or List.GetItemAtIndex with the list input @L2 and the index input @L1 values of [0.1].

Or List.Transpose followed by a code block of [0…1], and then another List.Transpose node.

Or List.TakeItems with the list input @L2 and a value of 2.


thanks lot

why circle does not show in the revit model?

Best to start a new topic, but basically it’s because you haven’t created a Revit object from it. FamilyInstance.ByGeometry, FamilyType.ByGeometry, DirectShape.ByGeometry, or similar will be required to move the content over to the other platform.

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