List export to excel

I want to export the calculation and total value to excel.

As you see, I want my first list to start from first row, but the second list wants to start from 5th row…
Any suggestions?

You mean like this?

yes, but mine didn’t work like that
I think it’s because of the layers? but I don’t know how to adjust it…

I tried to use the same layer as yours, but still didn’t work out

Your number of lists in data must match the amount of items of your sequence. 6 data lists != 5 sequence items. Furthermore none of your items in your data list should be null.

But the most important thing: Your data list structure does not match mine. Look closely

you mean the list.tranpose structure is not the same?
Sorry I’m not familiar to the list structure…am I able to change my list to the same structure as yours though?

Yes. Your 0 List should be in a seperate list itself and that for all the other lists 1 List, 2 List, …

I understand now…but I don’t know how to make 0 list in a seperate list…
cuz changing the list.transpose layer doesn’t seem to work?

Use an imperative language block to re-structure your list.

Oh my god it worked!!! Thank you so much!!!