List challenge


I am completely beginner at dynamo. I have two lists of data, one is to create points and the other is radius values to draw circles using those points as the centre. I have created the points fine. I don’t know how to tell dynamo which radius values belong to which centre co ordinate.

It is spreading the radius values around all of them.

Any help is appreciated.

I have attached my “node sequence”

it looks like you have more points than radii

I do in this example, I have been trying to figure it out by adjusting the radius values and changing the format in excel. So I’ve made a document with enough radius values for a couple points. It’s hard managing so much data otherwise.

do you have two excel files?

Yes they are in two excel files but I can merge them into the same file very easily. Would this make it easier to tell dynamo what radius values belong to what point?

yes, the data will have the correct order

How should I lay the data out? I don’t want dynamo to take radius values as point co ordinates

X,Y,Z,Radius would do
in the code block add radius[3]

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