List Appearance Assets for Material


We have recently starting using Oculus with Enscape,
Material management is proving to be important.
After years of making materials on the fly, there is a bit to do to tidy up.
We created a Family with different objects with a material instance, and used dynamo to lay out a long line of each materiel we had in our library.


While this has been useful, I’m finding the same appearance asset has been used in a lot of materials. Hence, what would be very useful would be to see relate the materials to the appearance asset.

I had a go at getting reading the asset name, but Element.getParameterValueByName does not work.



I found this post by @Konrad_K_Sobon that tells me why but my python is not up to understanding what is going on.

Can some one help me with the python code to get the name of the Asset.

Further more
Now that I’m using VR, I’m very curious to see what all the Revit appearance Assets look like inside the Oculus
I suspect that as VR comes more affordable, more people will be interested in Revit Appearance Assets. I don’t have time to learn Python right now… Hence if anyone was so kind to help provide this, what would be an awesome tool would be to create a script that

  1. Builds List of Appearance Assets
  2. Creates new Material taken from Appearance Asset Name
  3. Assigns Appearance asset to the Material.

I’d be happy to post up my graph and family for the layout.

I am afraid that, despite a great presentation and what’s look like an interesting proposal, I have to remind that this is not a place to ask others to do your job for free (see what’s in the forum guidelines about that). I would rather advise to learn some Python basics before asking. Here are some links that could help you on this way:

Lastly, you can check what’s in the existing nodes by clicking on them, it will help you to get started.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reference back to guidelines. I think I followed them

I asked one specific question, how to edit the python code on the page I referenced. This will allow me to get the name of the material assets. I have a basic understanding of python. The python on the page referenced seems advanced to me. I think some where the information is being accessed, I suspect only one or two lines need adjusting. If some one shows me the updated code then It will help me learn python.

I suspect anyone who starts using VR will find the process I’m doing useful… hence I added the furthermore with an outline of what would be very useful. I’m not expecting anyone to do it for me.

For this first part of your question, it could simply be done like so instead:

For the Python part of your request, I would strongly advise to start putting your hands on it.
Since the thread you mention is one year old already, it would be also be interesting to first sum-up what has been done since that time.
Thanks :slight_smile:


Thank you for your help @

It was simpler than I thought.
I can use Element.Name to do what I want.

The Error message is: Warning: Asked to convert non-convertible types"
However I can use the list anyhow.

Thanks for your help @Yna_Db

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