List.AlldicesOf-Family Type

Hi everyone
I try node List.AlldiesOf but does not result in the number of positions
Can you help me!


You could try the If Equal Return Index node


It worked well. For the first item of the first list (200x300) you have 4 instances. Try to flatten the first list to have a better idea of the node’s logic.

The node seems to be functioning as advertised. Are you looking for a count of how many times each appears in the list? attach a count node to the output. Also, another thought, would it make any sense to only take the unique items from the top list (watch node), or are those broken out in that order for a reason?

Thanks @Marcel_Rijsmus @Mark_Rainville @andrea.nicosiavinci quick answer
@Marcel_Rijsmus after user “If Equal Return Index” node like image
@andrea.nicosiavinci if I’m flat it will not do my result by the group

Did you try switching the inputs, so GroupByKey is listA @L2?

Could you also add a dynamo file so we can try it?

Hi @kennyb6
I already try it but not for result
Please help me
This is .dyn V2.dyn (15.5 KB)

What package is the If Equal Return Index node from and can you also upload a sample revit file to test this?

Is is pakage “Bakery”

Your first definition was correct, that is what I’m saying. I think it’s just the list logic that confuses you. Try to play a bit with that “allindicesof” and it’ll be clear!

Thanks @andrea.nicosiavinci answer
I used the node “List.AllIndicesOf” but did not understand why the results were not as expected