Linking parameters from a host object

I have made a simple script I would like to make more power. Here is my current work.

What this is being used for it selecting a wall element and then have it provide how wide the wall is and this parameter is used to set the width of an angle that is hosted to it. What I would like to have this do is select multiple walls and then have it apply the adjustment if needed for all selected walls and corresponding angle selected. For now when I try and select more then one wall it dose not change all the angles. I have even selected the walls and angles in the exact same order to make sure the right parameter is used.

Is DIM_WIDTH a custom parameter that you have added to walls?

Generally speaking, the width of a wall is a Type Parameter that comes from the wall’s structure and is not flexible. You would need to take the wall element and replace that element’s type with the wall type with the appropriate width.

Yes DIM_WIDTH is a custom parameter and we are using edge for revit and walls are a family to be inserted as my company is a precast manufacturer and will be using the model and panel parts for production.