Line at Point, perpendicular to another line


Hi all,

I have three lines and some points along them. I would like to draw a line at each point, being the new lines perpendicular to line each point belong to. I have managed to get a boolean list which shows which Line each point belong to. How can I apply the appropriate vector to the True values in each sublist?

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Hello @Pablo_Perez_Valdivia!

See if this can give you some clues:


Thanks @Einar_Raknes, those nodes are really helpful 'cause that is exactly my case, I already have the points.

As I have 3 vectors and 5 points, the way I’ve found to determine which vector I have to apply at each point is by using INTERSECTION node and IF node as below (the True condition is the vector):



I think that maybe you guys can help me. I have created these points along the edge of a surface. I want to create lines perpendicular to these points and that they intersect with the opposite edge. (I’ve drawn them red in the picture below.)

My question is how can I create these lines? (Below my script)

I know its 316 days ago, but maybe you guys found something