<length> value from floor to floor, mapped into room parameters, how?

2020-02-15_17h18_07 Room heights raw height.dyn (83.2 KB)

Hello Dynos,

I have Challange, which already worked, but right now - not!:

I use these RayBouced tools (Spring, bakery, data | shapes) for geting the lenghtvalues from groundfloor to ceilingfloor(pic). And I want to put it in 2 parameters(pic). It doesn`t work. the script shows no error. And the parameters continue empty, why?
Does anybody have a clue?



Few thoughts:

  1. Do you have unplaced rooms?
  2. Do you have rooms which aren’t bound correctly?

Hi @Draxl_Andreas

Need dummy rvt file to test why.


… sometimes it is realy simple, one room was redundant . There were no boundery.
Thats the solution!