Length of items in list


I have created a list with mullion that have the Z value 2400.
How can I get the length of the mullions in the list?
If I make connection between list and curve.length


Hi, do you mean the total length of mullions in you specified list with 2400? Then the “Math.Sum” node would do the trick.
Or if you mean the length of the list, then the “Count” node would do it.

Thanks for the answer.
I want to get all mullion(horizontal) located 2400mm from the bottom and get the length of them

Hi @Bardur_Thomassen ,
If I understand what you want well, I think you should try and filter your list of mullions , then get their length :

So far what you’re doing is grouping Z value of objects, not the objects with a Z value = 2400.
Also, I changed the StartPoint node with a PointAtParameter(0.5) node (which gets the midle point of the mullion) to avoid getting vertical mullions starting at 2400 in my list.

I hope this helps!

Uhh, this looks promising.
I will try this later to day, but I’m pretty sure this is it.

Thank you, Mostafa
and than you Jostein