Launch external .exe or .py files from within Dynamo?

I was trying to use Matplotlib and other python modules from within Python nodes in Dynamo then I quickly recognized that it won’t work with IronPython. So I was thinking as a workaround to use a Dynamo Node to trigger an external file ( may be a .py or .exe file) to launch when the dynamo graph is run. Is there a way to accomplish this?

Have figured out a way using System.Diagnostics.Process. I will put it here in the case anyone finds it useful in the future

from System.Diagnostics import Process
path = r"C:\somepath"
myfile = "somefile.docx"
command = "%s\\%s"% (path,myfile)

proc = Process()
proc.StartInfo.FileName = command

Can I to load and to get values by parameters in this exe? How to make this?