Kind of a fun one

Lets say
I got a new printer
Now i want to use it 100% , let’s see what this thing does.
I want to swap my Line Thicknesses to adjust from 1200 dpi to 2400 dpi
What would be my options?:slightly_smiling_face:

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Will this get you started?

So make a (base) setting for 1200 and ‘scale’ (in other words; change Line Styles) of that?

I don’t know much about printing and DPI so it might be very possible i am on the wrong path :upside_down_face:. I might learn something from this topic though :smiley: :exploding_head:.

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Sounds like a riddle… This should have been one of Bilbos questions to Smeagle in The Hobbit.


Hi Marcel…could you show your entire graph and describe what you have tried so far …heheheh :beers: :beers: