Keynote value of Revit Annotation Information

Hey Guys. I wanted to get the keynote value within the revit material for all the walls that have this material attached to. I started with the Get CompundStructureLayers node but had no sucesses. The goal is to get a list of the walls filtered by the value of the keynote within the revit material.

i hope this makes sense. thank you

Change the Level of element In the Element.GetParameterValueByName(?).

If that doesn’t help have a look here.

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It may be a language thing. Have you tried using “Keynote”? Also, make sure you have the correct material.

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Thanks guys ! I found out that the Element.Parameters after the Get CompoundStructureLayers node returns the value of the “Bauelement” field, which is the “Bauelementschlüssel” (Keynote) field in Revit. This seems a bit confusing because the words a different.