Keeping a Profile vertical when using in a Sweep

I am trying to create a helical stair balustrade and had intended to use a Profile and a Sweep along which I run it. I have managed to create the Path for the Sweep (with help from this forum) and I have also created the Profile.

I now have difficulties to “Sweep” the Profile along the Path. The Profile should be pointing outwards and be aligned with the start point of the Helix in X and Y directions but vertical on the Z-axis. During the “Sweep” I want the Profile to remain vertical on the Z-axis and rotate in X and Y so that it is always perpendicular to the tangent of the helix.


I am sure this is something rather simple for some, but since this is my first serious attempt to create a geometry using Dynamo I am stuck. Any help and tips will be greatly appreciated. Below is the Graph as far as I managed by myself. Thanks in advance.

You are on the right track with transforming coordinate systems :+1:, some minor tweaks and you should have it.
Here is a workflow for some inspiration.