Joining Lists where duplicates are listed sequentially



new to Dynamo…so I’m sure I’m stuck on something simple


I would like to combine two lists of elements in such a way that A,B,C,D combined with A,C returns A(list 1), A(list2), B, C(list1), C(list2), D…

Long story short…I am trying to use a select by curve node to select Electrical Data devices in view and tag them in order of selection…Everything works great, the one wrinkle I have is that some devices have two ports and thus need to show two tags in sequential order. I thought the easiest way would be to list items, identify which ones have dual ports, and add them into list…


any help is greatly appreciated

Hi Joel,

would this work for you?

or this (better I think…)


Just Sort


@Vikram +1

Here is lesser one


But the list.sort node only seems to sort alphabetically or following the numbers, not elements