Items at List doesn't show

My problem is vertices I set in the list don’t show when I choose them in the watch node or the list at the bottom of that node even when I double click on it. In some sessions, it works just fine and points the selected vertice or face whatever it is in that list. Also surfaces I chose in the list highlight sometimes and not the other times.
Is it because my surface is too big for dynamo grid system?

Looks like it’s because you have geometries from downstream showing over the geometries you’re trying to highlight. Try disabling the preview on all other nodes except the target one and see if that resolves it.

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Hello @JJUlkins

I would suggest using the Vertex.PointGeometry Node after your list join to get the point geometry from the vertices.


Thank you Andre! Node “Vertex.PointGeometry” solved my problem. All the vertices are visible now :slight_smile:

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