Issue with Dynamo Script that Takes Detail Number and Assigns it as Elevation Number

Hi There -

I’m hoping someone may be able to assist. I work in a professional furnishing company, and we often work within a linked Revit model. We have set up our parameter called “H2I Elevation Number”, which we utilize to assign various objects to their associated elevations. Up until recently, the attached Dynamo script took all Detail Numbers associated with the elevation views and assigned those numbers to the custom H2I Elevation Number parameter for each object that we modeled in the linked Revit model so that we could generate a takeoff listing product quantities by their associated Detail Number. However, now it is assigning the last Detail Number ran in the script to all items in the project. I’m thinking it may have something to do with a node package update or a Dynamo update of some kind, but I have yet to determine cause.

If anyone is willing and able to have a look and figure out the issue might be, I’d greatly appreciate it. Player_Update H2I Elevation Parameter Values By Detail Number on Sheet by Project (Beta)_Update.dyn (179.8 KB)