IsInput - default to unchecked?

I’d like to start a discussion about the new IsInput option available for Dynamo 1.3.1 and Revit 2018.2.
I love the option & feel it’s going to make Dynamo much more accessible to the average user.
About creating the inputs, though, I find I have a LOT more nodes in my graph that I do not want to be Input nodes. I typically have only a few that should have IsInput checked.
But the default is that IsInput is on for everything. Which means I need to carefully go through every potential input node and turn IsInput off.
Could the default for IsInput be changed to unchecked?
It would be a lot less work (and less dangerous) if I had to specifically check the few that I do want as input rather than the many that I don’t

Absolutely agree.
FYI @Zach_Kron We talked about this recently…

Try to use a code block on non-input nodes to avoid this headache. I actually always start with code block and define my inputs at the end, in a logical order (otherwise I always get ‘color of fourth circle’ as a first input, then ‘diameter of first circle’ as a second…)

I added a utility node to package that will let you toggle them all off with just one click.



Also, I can see that @Andreas_Dieckmann has cc’d @Zach_Kron so the Dynamo Dev team is aware of this request.

You can find this node in the latest package:

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